PSP Video Manager 1.1.14 (Freeware)

PSP Video Manager is a utility program that enables users to manage their video files in their computer and Playstation Portable device. This program is capable of transferring video files from a user’s computer to a PSP device and vice versa. PSP Video Manager is used to transfer MPEG-4 video files, which is a video file format supported by PSP devices. Imported files in this program display the video thumbnail, the video file name, the file size, and the time and date the video file was modified. PSP Video Manager also supports the drag-and-drop feature, which allows users to import multiple files simultaneously. In addition to these, PSP Video Manager provides users with two interface skins that enable users to change the program’s appearance.

PSP Video Manager features a simple user interface that has three main control parts. First part is the Source panel, which contains controls used in choosing and displaying MPEG-4 video files from the user’s computer. This section contains a path browser used in locating and selecting video files to be transferred in the PSP device, and a file list, which displays the MPEG-4 video files to be transferred. The next part contains buttons and controls similar to the first part, but used in transferring files from the user’s PSP device back to the user’s computer. The next part is located between the two aforementioned panels. These contain buttons that execute actions in the program. These buttons are used to Move, Copy, or Delete files from either panel.