PS3Merge (Freeware)

PS3Merge is a simple program that enables users to merge files that were split by splitters or backup managers. It supports files with the .666xx file extension. The interface of the program is straightforward with a simple layout, which makes it easy to use for users of all skill levels, from basic to advanced.

The program is capable of scanning PS3 files that must be merged together. On the main window, users have to click on the Execute button at the top portion to start the process of scanning the system for split files. The scan results will then be displayed on the main window. At the bottom part of the interface, users can see two bars – the total progress and the merge progress. The merge progress is the meter for the merge currently being done, while the total progress displays the overall progress when several files are being merged.

Here are the other key features of the PS3Merge application:

• Can be set to launch as soon as the system starts up
• Option to delete split files after the merging process
• Can be set to automatically check for updates as soon as the system starts
• Option to change the copy directory
• No other settings that need to be configured