PS3 Media Server 1.81.0

A. Brochard (Freeware)

PS3 Media Server is an application that enables a user to stream and transcode different types of media files with minimal configuration.  DLNA compliant, and written in Java, it is a Upnp Media Server initially intended solely for the PS3. Currently however it can be used in conjunction with such devices as televisions from different name brands, the Xbox 360, and as well as other portable devices.

The program can be utilized without any time-consuming preparations. The program does not require pre-parsing, any configurations to be made, nor installation of codec packs.  In program installation, it is advised that all settings be saved.  Removal and back-up of PMS.conf is also suggested. PS3 Media Server immediately enables the PS3 to browse file folders, and is equipped with real time transcoding and automatic refresh facilities. The program is supported by FFmpeg and MPlayer packages. A number of bugs have also been eliminated in the program, such as those that are encountered in filenames containing the $ character, that occur during ShowDVDTitleDuration, and that display subtitles when they have already been disabled. If one also wishes to retain customizations done in previous versions, one only needs to review upgrade notes for migration instructions.  In a survey done by readers, the application has been awarded as ”Best Personal Media Streaming Tool” by readers in December of 2010.