PRTG Server Administrator

Paessler AG (Proprietary)

PRTG Server Administrator is a module inside the PRTG Network Monitor program, both programs developed by Paessler AG. This program enables users to configure the basic settings of a server. It has a tabbed interface featuring eight tabs. These are Web Server, Core Server, Memory Usage, Administrator, License, Service Control, Log, and About. The Web Server tab enables users to determine the server’s IP address. It also provides the user the capability to select only the local host, barring external access, making it the safest setting for the application. This tab also enables users to determine the Web Server Port to be the Standard Web server port or the HTTPS/SSL on port 443. Users may also specify their own port number.

PRTG Server Administrator Core Server tab allows users to define the IP addresses for port connections, as well as the Probe Connections Port and Path for Data Files. If changed, users can opt to go back to the original path through the click of a button provided on this tab. The Memory usage tab enables users to define the memory usage provided for tables and graphs. There are dropdown selectors for the timeframes for each corresponding graph, including the live graph. The Administrator tab allows users to define the administrator login name, password, and email address. The License tab features the license name, license key, and license edition. The Service Control tab allows users to Install or Uninstall, as well as to start or stop an existing probe. The Log tab allows users to view the server log, or access the core’s log file directory.