PRTG Probe Administrator

Paessler AG (Proprietary)

PRTG Probe Administrator is a module that runs from inside the PRTG Probe Administrator, both programs developed by Paessler AG. The program enables users to configure the settings of a probe inside a local PC. These probes can be a Local Probe or a Remote Probe.

PRTG Probe Administrator graphical user interface features a classic grey and blue theme. It has a tabbed interface with four tabs: Probe Control, Service Control, Files/Directories, and About. The Probe Control tab enables users to define the name of the probe, the Reconnect Time, the Server Connection, the Probe GID, the Outgoing IP requests for monitoring, and the Probe Administration Tool Language. The Reconnect time is displayed in seconds, while the server connection bar displays the server IP address, the server port, and the access key. The Probe GID is the probe’s unique identifier. The Service Control tab enables users to install or uninstall the program. It allows users to start or stop a probe process. Under the Files/Directories tab, the users can select the output path where the data collected by the probe will be stored. This tab also enables users to display the probe log files directory, as well as open log files. The About tab shows the relevant information about the developer, as well as all the installed versions of the program in the system.