PRTG Enterprise Console

Paessler AG (Proprietary)

PRTG Enterprise Console is an interface that enables users to connect to the PRTG core server. It was formerly called Windows GUI but was changed to its present name. The program was developed by PAessler AG. The program allows users to monitor the network and view the results. It is a data access and monitoring management tool.

PRTG Enterprise Console user interface features a tabbed interface. The Windows menu sits at the top, followed by the PRTG page header bar, the menu tabs bar, and its corresponding content, and the server selection tab. A Search input box hangs on the top right portion while the status bar sits at the bottom. The PRTG page header bar features the PRTG logo, the arrow symbols corresponding to Previous Viewpoint and Next Viewpoint, the Refresh button, and the Global Sensor State Symbols. The Server Selection Tab enables users to search and select for the appropriate server. The Menu tabs bar shows menu options for Libraries, Sensors, Devices, Alarms, Maps, Reports, Logos, ToDos, and Setup. The Search tab sits just below the Server Selector tab. The Status Bar shows the countdown timer for next Refresh. It also provides a Send Feedback link. The Windows menu bar provides access to the Options menu where users can configure settings for the System, Alerts, Tools, External Browser, and Proxy settings.