ProxyCap 5.25

Proxy Labs (Shareware)

ProxyCap is an application that allows users to configure their applications to access the Internet using a proxy. A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary for client requests seeking resources from other servers. Through this software, users can define which application will utilize the proxy servers and in which instances they will use them. The user will have full control of the tunneling rules and will be able to set force direct connection or redirect through proxy. They can also apply the rules to selected programs, ports, and computers in a network.

ProxyCap has a simple user interface. The main selections are the Proxies, Rules, and Miscellaneous. The Tunneling rules can be specified for the Type, Application, IP Range, Ports, Transports, and Proxy. There are buttons on the main interface that can be used to create new rules, save created rules, delete rules, as well as move up and down on the list. The miscellaneous section has the error logs to enable users to analyze connectivity issues. Since proxies are not really something that novice users are pretty familiar with, the software comes with a Help file with comprehensive information that will guide users on navigating it.