Proxy Switcher 5.7.0

Proxy Switcher (Freeware)

Proxy Switcher is an IP-address cloaking application developed by Proxy Switcher in November 2012. This program allows users to hide their IP address and surf the net using a proxy IP address. This enables users to surf anonymously. It also allows users to visit network-blocked websites or websites with site or country limitations. Proxy Switcher also allows users to manually change their proxy settings.

Proxy Switcher features Socks V5 and Elite server support, as well as support for password-protected servers. It is also fully compatible with several web browsers including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Proxy Switcher features automatic proxy configuration change as to these parameters—Gateway address, IP address, WLAN Name, DNS Suffix, and location information.

Proxy Switcher user interface is a dual-window display with the left panel showing the proxy servers scanned and grouped according to security settings. Some groups include Highly Anonymous, Dead, Basic Anonymity, Private, and Dangerous. When a particular group is selected, the right panel shows the proxy servers available for the type of security group. The top panel shows the Proxy Switcher toolbar. At the bottom, there are three buttons showing Disabled, Keep Alive, and Auto Switch. Proxy Switcher users may also search for a specific proxy server. The proxy servers listed indicates the IP addresses, Response time, and Country of origin.