PROXY Pro Master

Proxy Networks, Inc. (Shareware)

Proxy Neworks Proxy Pro is a suite of applications that is developed for helpdesk technicians. It is a comprehensive suite that allows for the remote control of remote workstations for hassle-free, fast, and easy troubleshooting. The programs that are bundled with it allow remote workstation access at any location and at any time. This application suite works for both computers connected to a Local Area Network and those that are not. It is safe, secure, and efficient.

The reason remote workstation control is very useful for helpdesk technicians is that these solutions allow the technicians to access client workstations from a central location. This eliminates the need to travel to a specific location to sere just one client. Proxy Pro Master is one of the programs in the suite. It performs an important function that is integral to the whole operation of the application suite. It is the main application that allows users to find, gain control of, and operate remote workstations through Proxy Pro’s Gateway Server. There are various versions of the Proxy Pro Suite, however all of them include Proxy Pro Master as the main application for finding, accessing, and controlling remote workstations. The various options available from Proxy Pro are tailored to suit the needs of any client.