proXPN 2.5.0 (Shareware)

proXPN is a VPN program developed by A VPN, or virtual private network, is a particular type of network that can utilize the Internet with a secure connection. This type of software is capable of opening a secure interconnection between various devices. All the data that are passing through the secured connection are encrypted to provide security to users.

The program works as a global VPN capable of creating an encrypted and secure tunnel (or interconnection between devices). When installed and activated, all the programs that need an Internet connection are working with the program to make sure all the online traces are hidden. This program also makes sure that the real physical location of the user is hidden. Using this program ensure online privacy to users.

proXPN requires a VPN account to work. Aside from the standard account, the developer also features a Premium account, which provides more features than the standard version. Premium account holders are entitled to unlimited VPN speed. It also provides users access to any websites anywhere. Aside from this, Premium account holders are also open to all available ports, which enable users to utilize IM clients, email clients, or any web-enabled programs securely. This type of account also offers support for handheld devices.