Proxifier Standard Edition 3.21

Initex (Shareware)

Proxifier Standard Edition is a proxy client application that allows users to bypass restrictions and firewalls that block websites and services. The program’s interface provides all the options for setting up the proxy client. Users can configure application names, IP addresses, port numbers, and hostnames. Individual rules can also be enabled or disabled by the user. When users create profiles with the program, the profiles can be encrypted using a master password. This prevents unauthorized users from viewing or making changes to the proxy settings.

Proxifier Standard Edition’s interface provides live information on connections. Information displayed includes target host, application names, time and status, received and sent bytes, and many more. There is also a live graph to show bandwidth levels. The software keeps a log file of the network activities including detailed error messages, traffic dumps, and many more.

Here are more features of the program:
Improve network performance and privacy
Flexible system rules
Flexible configuration for users
Processes all outgoing TCP connections
Tested with all major proxy server implementations

Proxifier comes with a detailed documentation containing images and examples. This can be used as a guide for setting up and configuring the program. Professional support is also available through email.