Activision (Proprietary)

Prototype™ is an action-adventure video game centered on Alex, a shape-shifting man. Shape-shifting is the ability to copy another creature allowing him to pretend to be one of his enemies. Aside from shape-shifting, Alex is also capable of absorbing his enemies which allows him to easily regain strength in time of battles. When he absorbs his enemies, he also takes their memories and experiences.  Alex has been a victim of a conspiracy of a genetic engineering company which gave him shape-shifting abilities, super human strength, endurance, agility, weaponry, and durability. He can develop his body to become a number of weapons like a blade arm or sharp claws.

The main enemies for Alex on Prototype are the military and those who were affected by the Black-light virus. These consist of the civilians, hunters, and huge creatures created from infected water towers as well as the military. Civilians and the military do not evolve to be huge threats for Alex. The hunter and huge creatures, on the other hand, become Leaders who are very difficult to kill. The Military, while they do not have extra-human strength can use extremely dangerous weaponry which can damage Alex.
With his super human abilities, Alex’s movements make use of parkour which allows him to sprint and jump great heights at high speed.