Activision (Shareware)

Prototype is an action adventure video game released in 2009. Players take the role of Alex Mercer, a shapeshifter who must battle monsters in New York City. The character’s main power is shapeshifting, which allows him to transform into a different appearance to accommodate his needs. He is also capable of ‘consuming’ others and absorbing them completely. Consuming others increases his health as he absorbs the enemy’s biomass.

Players can roam around New York City freely by doing parkour moves. This allows the character to move quickly and jump over obstacles in the environment. Alex can also use a variety of weapons including rifles, machine guns, pistols, stun baton, and grenade launchers. The main enemies in the game are those who are infected with the blacklight virus. Members of the military are considered opponents, too.

Players can upgrade the character’s abilities by consuming military officials in military bases. Another way of upgrading is collecting genetic data that will improve his superpowers. In the beginning of the game, only a few enemies roam around the city. As the game progresses, more and more enemies attach Alex Mercer.

Users can view the safe zones by looking at the areas of the city that are color-coded. Blue zones are controlled by the military, red zones are infected, and purple zones are controlled by both the military and the infected.