Protector Suite QL

UPEK Inc. (Freeware)

Protector Suite QL is a desktop biometric program developed by UPEK Inc. It offers protective access to web pages, computer, and sensitive files with the help of biometric devices. With this program, users no longer have to use multiple passwords. Instead, the fingerprint will serve as the main password to gain access to programs, websites, and files on a computer.

Protector Suite QL can be used to logon to Windows account. This means that authorized Windows users are the only ones who can open the computer. Aside from finger-activate logon to Windows, users can also add another layer of protection by putting another authentication (either Windows Password or Smartcard). Locking and unlocking of the computer can also be done using the program. It also enables launching of programs with the use of specified fingerprint. There is also the Mandatory Biometric Logon feature that forces biometrical logon to Windows accounts rather than using passwords. An administrative control option is also available for enrollment options, power-on security and fingerprints. After a definite number of failed fingerprint attempts, the program can also be configured to force a time delay to prevent intrusion.

Users can also protect files and folders by adding a fingerprint encryption. The program also features Finger Anti-spoofing technology, which helps prevent attacks using artificial fingertips. Transferring user fingerprints templates between computers is also possible. There is also Audible confirmation feature that provides feedback on fingerprint rejection or acceptance.