Prosoniq TimeFactory

Prosoniq Products Software GmbH (Proprietary)

Prosoniq TimeFactory is a program that is capable of changing specific parameters of sound files developed by Prosoniq Products Software GmbH. With this application, the pitch and speed of sound files may be changed. The available stretch ratio options are numerous, which gives the user the power to modify entire audio files, including songs while preserving the file format and offering crystal-clear sound.

Prosoniq TimeFactory by Prosoniq Products Software GmbH offers users of all skill levels with professional-level pitch shifting and time stretching functions for different applications, including mastering, rate conversion, sound design, and Karaoke usage as well. The utility may also be used for film audio FPS conversion. It works equally well whether the source of polyphonic or monophonic. The set up is easy and does not require advanced computing skills to implement.

This useful program may be implemented instead of purchasing a handful of applications in order to perform modifications on sound files. Prosoniq TimeFactory is a high-precision program that gives users control over their sound files using time stretching algorithms. This program uses only the latest technology and combines the best qualities of these leading algorithms into one powerful program that offers users with a friendly user-interface. Batch processing is supported and made faster with the drag and drop function.