ProScan 5.1

ProScan (Shareware)

ProScan 5.1 is a program used in computer-aided radio signal scanning. It comes with a rich set of features and is designed for ease of use by novices and advanced users alike. This application can be used in a variety of settings and industries such as organizations, government agencies, businesses, semi-professionals, and home industries. It supports 13 various Uniden scanner models both DMA and non-DMA, and it is designed to be able to upload and download data to and from a radio scanner.

This radio signal scanning program contains a full featured database that comes with RadioReference Web Service and enables users to import and export data from ProScan database files. It is also equipped with RadioFeed, a source client that allows users to stream audio to RadioReference, ShoutCast, and Icecast servers. With the RadioFeed server, users can have their own website that has the ability to stream audio.

Among ProScan’s features are the following:

• Audio flow diagram – with this, users will be able to see the audio flow as well as the volume controls and the audio’s level meters.
• Virtual display – the display comes with knobs and a keypad that emulates the radio scanner’s front panel.
• Band scope – this feature is used to test the antenna and its interference tracking ability
• Remote control – with this feature, users will be able to control their scanner remotely over IP