AA6YQ (Freeware)

PropView is a member of the eight interoperable applications made by the DXLab Suite under AA6YQ. Its basic function is to predict and monitor propagation at the same time. The forecast uses the built-in VOACAP, ICEPAC, and IONPAC propagation prediction engines that do the job over a specified 24 hour period. Even new users will easily be able to interpret the results that are shown in the program’s color-graphic display.

PropView gets solar flux and K-index from Spot Collector and locations from DXView through the DXCC prefix entry. It can also monitor the NCDX/IAFRU International Beacon Network, and build schedules on beacon by band, bearing, or specified beacons. It can also monitor QSYs transceiver per beacon schedule and rotate antenna per schedule. This enables the user’s beacon to hear each existing beacon and instantly locate the current beacon.

PropView can provide easy-to-read forecast of band openings for any UTC day. Reminders state that the thicker the line, the more likely the opening and other bands with openings will be displayed. The guide to maximum usable frequency indicates that 90% confidence is blue, 50% confidence is green, and 10% confidence is colored red. Minimum usable frequency is black, and solar positions have three colors including black, yellow, and gray, and open bands are always purple.