ProphecyMaster 1.1

Luxand (Shareware)

ProphecyMaster is a photo application that detects a face on a given picture and transforms the face to how it possibly could look like after twenty years. The program does this by analyzing various facial features. These include facial lines, hair, and the overall face structure. It is capable of analyzing faces in any digital picture. Users have to upload the digital copy of a picture and the program detects the face immediately. Moreover, the program can also analyze faces from old pictures. Even black and white pictures can also be processed. Users may scan these old pictures to create a digital copy of them that can be uploaded to the software.

Prophecy Master's user interface enables the user to upload a picture immediately through the "load image" button. The uploaded picture can be seen on the left side of the window. The software immediately detects the face on that picture. Clicking "cancel" will redo the process while clicking "next" will enable the program to apply “aging” to the face immediately. The program provides the user the option to send the picture to others. The interface has in its main window simple instructions on what kind of photo to upload so that the software can apply “aging” to the face in the picture properly.