Property Editor DS4

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Property Editor DS4 is a graphic design plug-in from DAZ 3D. This add-on is one of the many plug-ins included in Content Creator Toolkit for DAZ Studio and Studio 4 available separately. DAZ Studio 4.x Pro already has the Content Creator Toolkit in its installer including the Property Editor.

This app works in mass editing graphics properties. It supports creating property attributes that are linked with image groups and set them in needed orders. Editing property attributes include limiting values, state, hidden values, and a lot more. Property selection gives way to scripting access for future use after setting up the formula.

Property Editor DS4 supports mass property grouping throughout different nodes the artist selected for the project. Mass editing and selection speeds up the process of completing the project that requires property setting. Its interface also allows moving properties from one area or nodes that contribute to efficient editing.

It also supports ERC Freeze and ERC Bake. For ERC Freeze, the artist can configure property values through the Parameters pane and link them to specific property controllers. It automatically computes the scalar value to match the project requirement. ERC Bake gives way to linking and removing connections within properties. Artists can also create new connection for another graphic design. Property Editor DS4 saves properties to set up different projects accordingly. Properties set can be for images and users.