ProntoEdit Professional 3

Philips Electronics N.V. (Proprietary)

ProntoEdit Professional 3 is an application that upgrades the existing control panels found in Philips multimedia devices. When it comes to this particular program, it comes installed in the particular devices and can also be downloaded to upgrade existing controls in older Philips gadgets. The ProntoEdit Professional 3 provides device users with a higher level of control for their devices with the necessary functions and processes easily accessible under one comprehensive interface on the gadget screen.

ProntoEdit Professional 3 was created and developed by Philips Electronics N.V. for the sole purpose of improving the existing control panel programs in Philips multimedia devices. Aside from providing Philips device patrons with easier controls for their gadgets, the application also offers them the ability to modify and configure the control panel to suit their preferences. It also allows the creation of multiple control panels per device, all of which can be stored under a single master file on the gadget.

Considering that device compatibility may arise from the upgrade, the ProntoEdit Professional 3 can also be used to convert any files to function without fail regardless of which device it came from and which new device the file will be used in. Other additional features of the upgrade include access to plug and play functions not to mention page overlays, which allow for the simultaneous manipulation of several control action lists.