Prokon Liveupdate

Prokon Software Consultants (Shareware)

Prokon Liveupdate is the definitive application to use in updating PROKON modules so the the user can benefit from the features of the latest versions. The program is easy to use and can be launched directly from the Windows Start Menu or from the PROKON group. The utility is easy to download. A soon as all the files are in the system, the user of the application can run the Install Downloaded Update command. Update installation can be initiated with the control options presented on the Tools menu.

Prokon Liveupdate works automatically as sun as the system is connected to the PROKON update server. The program also presents a list of available updates to the user. Update installation starts as soon as all the prompts are followed. In a few minutes, the installation of updates is completed especially if the Internet connection being used is fast enough.

Prokon Liveupdate by Prokon Software Consultants also allows for manual operation. For instance, if there is firewall block, then the user has the option to download the updates manually. This program is the easiest means of making sure that the relevant PROKON programs being used are up-to-date. For updates that involve an older version of Prokon to a newer version, the Service Pack is the best and most convenient option to use.