Black Sand Studios (Proprietary)

Project Reality Exe is a process that launches Project Reality, a first-shooter game developed by Black Sand Studio and released in August of 2007. Compared to other combat-based video games, the Project Reality series offers realistic settings and emphasizes cooperation and collaboration among members of the team. It comes with modifications for the PC version of Battlefield 2, a modification for ArmA 2, and a standalone sequel on CryENGINE.

In Project Reality: Battlefield 2, the weapons look very much like their real counterparts. Features like a gun’s bullet drop are likened to an actual projectile of a fired bullet, and locational damage also manifests in the performance of a vehicle. Human characters that are wounded can eventually die from blood loss if they are not given proper treatment by a medic.

Project Reality’s emphasis on teamwork is so important to the gameplay that players are practically forced to cooperate with each other in order to achieve success in the missions. Lone wolves are not given any incentives and are in fact penalized. This game features five game modes, two of which involve holding control points. In Vehicle Warfare mode, players are given certain restrictions in the use of infantry kits. New vehicles and weapons are also introduced in Project Reality and the old ones feature more realistic appearances.