Trio Motion Technology (Freeware)

ProjectEncryptor is an indispensable program and one of the major offerings of Trio Motion Technology Ltd. The main purpose of this tool is to protect intellectual property by providing absolute security to every project made using another utility from Trio Motion. This tool specifically allows the programmer to get a license for his or her creations as well.

This is how ProjectEncryptor works. Members develop a project using a Windows-based interface called Motion Perfect. Motion Perfect is another offering from Trio Motion that is fully capable of creating and systematically developing concepts. Essentially, Project Encryptor is a component of Motion Perfect, but it is totally independent and singular in its purpose. Once completed, the utility then encrypts the project. Afterwards, the project can then be loaded in this form and thus remain secure and protected. The encrypted outcome receives a one-of-a-kind key that is associated with a unique serial number. Project Encryptor facilitates the user to stay on the lead every single step of the way.

Project Encryptor is most useful to machine exporters who want to protect and license their intellectual property. While providing protection, this program allows for updates and upgrades to proceed as scheduled. What this mean is that the project is safe from unauthorized access whilst allowing maintenance and diagnostics procedures to be completed.