Zilmar (Open Source)

Project64 is an open-source emulator that allows users to play Nintendo 64, or N64 ROM games saved in computers running on Windows platforms. The games may be played in window or full screen mode. It supports the use of controllers and users can create a profile for each controller. The application will save the settings for the controllers and apply these every time the game is launched. This open-source application enables users to customize the audio and display settings when playing the N64 games. Users can adjust the brightness, resolution, and volume of the audio during playing sessions.

The program interface is simple and shows all the necessary information. The File menu is where users can start and end emulation while the System menu contains all the tools needed while the games are run. Users can configure games and select plugins from the System menu. There is a status bar at the left portion of the interface that shows the emulator’s status as well as the CPU’s status. The application also has a Help menu for users who want to learn about how to use the various functions of Project64.

The emulator application may be saved in a USB memory stick and run on other computers without installation.