Project Raptor

Electronic Arts (Proprietary)

Project Raptor is an expansion pack for the Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour game. The game allows the player to select factions like U.S., China, G.L.A, and the Militia in a real-time strategy or RTS battle. The player can select the single-player campaign or create a multi-player campaign for cooperative mode or versus mode. Multi-player mode allows the players to customize the settings of the game from the number of units available to the number of players allowed to join the game.

All factions are equipped with a Mobile Construction Yard. The Mobile Construction Yard deploys itself to the players’ chosen construction site and begins building structures. The goal of the game is for the player to build bases, collect resources to buy buildings for upgrades and unit production, and train fighting forces to attack and conquer the opposing force’s base. Forces are classified as vehicles, infantry, and aircraft. Upgrades like special ammunitions or armor are available when the player purchases new buildings to build. Unit Production upgrades are available to add new kinds of units like tanks and infantry. The factions available for the player to choose are U.S.A., China, and G.L.A. (Global Liberation Army)

The Project Raptor expansion is set four years after the events of Zero Hour. The game introduces a new faction called the Militia. The Militia is an armed group made with home-made weapons and vehicles.