Progress WebClient

Progress Software Corporation (Proprietary)

WebClient is a business service that provides the user with tools for developing web client applications. The user can develop software for Internet web pages. It provides development, deployment, integration, and management of software applications. Products from the service include OpenEdge with WebSpeed Workshop and tools like AppBuilder, Speedscript, and SmartObjects to provide an integrated environment for the user to develop web client programs with. The user can process transactions over the Web and build multi-page ITP applications.

OpenEdge allows users to develop scalable business applications that can process transactions over the Web and create multi-page applications with or without coding.  Its other feature, WebSpeed Workshop, allows the user to customize applications with hard codes. It allows the user to build and modify applications in same environment the application runs on.  AppBuilder provides the user with a graphical environment where the user can build application interfaces. It has the ability to use web objects from HTML interfaces to SmartDataObjects and CGI Wrappers and can automate the development process. Smartobjects allows the user to define and reuse logic components for other distributable applications, with encapsulation, code-inheritance, and object-oriented development. SpeedScript compiles scripting languages that allow the user to develop, maintain, and create prototype Web applications.

The service includes an Open Client Toolkit that can generate Java, and web service proxies to access business logic from other platforms.