Programmer's Notepad 2.3. 4.2350

Simon Steele (Echo Software) (Open Source)

Programmer’s Notepad, or PN for short, is a text editor program developed by Simon Steele. It was first released in 1998. The application allows users to edit text documents mainly used for writing programming codes. It supports a variety of platforms including Assembler, C/C++, HTML, C#, Java, PHP, and more. The application also provides support for several interface languages, keyboard shortcuts, unlimited schemes, and the Explorer context menu. Users may also dock windows for Open Files, File Browser, Find in Files, Tool Output, and others.

The application’s interface is similar to most text editors. It offers all standard text processing operations such as redo, undo, copy, cut, and paste. Aside from this, it also offers advanced functions such as Clipboard Swap, which can be used for swapping Clipboard content with the chosen text. Performing various operations on selections and lines is possible as well. Available operations for this include duplicate, compress white space, text clips, transpose, strip trailing blanks, move, and more. The application features several configurable settings such as allowing multiple instances, editing read-only files, and automatic backup creation.

Other functions offered by Programmer’s Notepad include the following:

• Syntax Highlighting and Autocomplete Enablement
• Insert Text Clips
• Convert Selected Text Characters To Uppercase/Lowercase
• Search and Replace Functions
• Comments Blocking