ProgDVB 7.14.3

Prog (Freeware)

ProgDVB is a freeware that enables user to watch Television channels on computers via a satellite device.  The computer software also allows streaming of different radio stations coming from a satellite signal. In general, it is a tool used for video streaming coming from any kind of source, such as cables, satellite, terrestrial, or IPTV . The software would require hardware decoders for DVB-PCI chips, x86-compatible computers and SAT-dish to work.  ProgDVB also allows users to record audio or video files in different media formats.

Aside from streaming features, the software enables multiple outputs that can support up to 8 displays.  A user can preview all channels by viewing the channel list. This menu shows the name and logo of the program being watched. Users can customize a TV program using channel selection. With this feature, numeration, grouping, and sorting of channels can be done.  It also has a menu that can do quick search for a desired channel. It is also capable of setting up parental controls. The interface of the window can be customized using skin editor where the user can select the preferred appearance.  Like just other streaming medium, ProgDVB can select language preference and has a subtitle feature. The software also supports Multilanguage interface.