Prog Guide 1.02

Prog (Freeware)

Prog Guide is a utility application that enables users to get updated information on programs from different TV stations. This application displays TV program information in XmITV or JTV file formats, as well as data encased in archive files such as ZIP or GZIP. Prog Guide allows users to view different cable channels for News, Sports, Entertainment, Shopping, Music, Science & Technology, Cartoons, Celebrity, and many more. Users are provided with a list of TV channels, as well as the program schedule. Each schedule contains the program name or title, the time of broadcast, the TV program’s running time, and a short description or synopsis about the TV program. In addition to these, Prog Guide is equipped with various tools that enable users to search and bookmark TV programs. This application also contains three different viewing modes, a zooming tool, a search bar, and support for exporting files to XmITV and HTML. Prog Guide can be used as a guide for both regular TV and Internet streaming TV.

Prog Guide features a simple interface that contains two main parts. First part is the control bar that contains various buttons that execute actions in the program. This section contains tools for opening files, saving files, changing the viewing mode, zooming to a particular portion of the guide, as well as a search bar used to locate a program or channel by keyword search. This section also contains a settings button used to configure how the program should work. The next part is the display section where users may view the information about the channels and their programs.