Professor PC - Typing Tutor 1.46

Akinaloja (Shareware)

Professor PC – Typing Tutor is a program that helps users improve their typing skills. The program offers three types of lessons catering to beginners up to advanced users. It comes with 6 chapters with a total of 32 exercises. When doing typing exercises, the application displays a virtual keyboard on the screen. This teaches users the right keys to type and the fingers to use when pressing specific keys. The program is especially useful for those who want to learn touch-typing. Lessons also have different lengths and can be set according to the user’s preferences.

Aside from the different lessons, the program also comes with different typing games, which makes learning more fun for users. This typing tutor also gives a report of the user’s performance progress. It displays the user’s precision and speed in percentages. The report also displays the keys where users are having problems. The user’s performance can be rated anywhere from very weak to excellent. Other main features of the application are the following:

• Gives the users a report of CPM or Characters Per Minute
• Presents a student history report that enables users to track their progress while using the application
• Teaches users to type the correct way in order to prevent repetitive strain injury