Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects 2.0

Sherwin Zadeh and Streetwise Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects is an application used for applying effects on images. The program can support a variety of image formats, like JPG and BMP. To use the program, the user must first import a photo using the file browser menu. The user opens the folder where the photos are and selects one for editing. This file will be uploaded into the program. The image can also be imported from an external device, such as a USB, a digital camera, or a portable hard drive.

Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects has a number of editing features that can be used to change how the image looks and enhance its appearance. For example, the user can use the magnifying glass utility, which zooms in on the image. There are also functions for rotating and flipping the image. Captions can also be added to the image; the font, font size, and color of the text can be specified by the user. Red eye removal is also available for people photos taken with flash.

Additionally, if the image is scanned and there are scratches and dust on the scanned image, the program will remove the imperfections from the photo. The picture's overall color, saturation, and brightness can be adjusted as well.