Professor Fizzwizzle (Windowed)

Philips Grubby Games (Shareware)

Professor Fizzwizzle (Windowed) is developed by Grubby Games as a puzzle game that challenges and expands the mind. The player’s main task is to take control of a genius academic who goes by the name of Professor Fizzwizzle and bring him back to his laboratory.  The professor’s one-time friend has thrown him out of the lab in a fit of unbridled rage. The player’s main objective is to overcome the hurdles thrown by Bots at the professor.

Every level offers exciting adventures and since there are more than 230 levels then the fun never stops. In order to advance in the game, the player must assist the diminutive professor in using his gadgets as well as his brains. There is a “Kids” and “Alphabet” level for young players. Levels that are “regular” are meant for beginners. Puzzle and game aficionados might find the excitement that they are looking for in the “Advanced” levels.

There are no time limits set for the completion of game levels. There are great rewards awaiting the intrepid puzzle solver such as “unlockables.” These are photographs which can then be placed in the gallery of Professor Fizzwizzle. Players will get the chance to unlock photos of Professor Fizzwizzle when a level is completed successfully. This game is guaranteed to give the whole family hours of fun. Seasoned puzzle solvers and newbies alike will find something fun and enjoyable in Professor Fizzwizzle (Windowed).