Process Lasso user interface

Bitsum Technologies (Shareware)

Process Lasso User Interface is a utility program that enables users to optimize the process priority of various Windows processes. This program is used in analyzing various operating system processes that run during computer startup. Process Lasso then identifies unimportant processes and reduces their priority level therefore allowing more important system processes to run faster. A large amount of high-priority processes consumes system memory causing the computer to slow down during startup and when running programs. Process Lasso is capable of automating tasks such as auto restart after system analysis, restraining programs from automatic high-priority tagging, and starting high performance power scheming. This program contains other features such as ProBalance dynamic priority optimization, instance count limits, system responsiveness graph, event logging, standalone process management engine, and svchost.exe process differentiation. Process Lasso is also capable of process priority optimization for laptop and notebook computers.

Process Lasso features a simple user interface that can be accessed from the computer’s system tray. The program’s main display page has three main parts. the top portion shows a graph of the computer’s active system processes. System priority is identified by color codes and symbols. This section also displays a RAM usage meter on the right side. The next part displays a list of all active processes. Users may view the process name, user, application name, rules, priority class, CPU affinity, I/O affinity, and many more. The last part is the action log, which displays details on actions taken by Process Lasso.