Process Explorer 15.23

Sysinternals - (Proprietary)

Process Explorer is a system monitoring application that is similar to the Windows Task Manager. The software displays information about processes that are opened on the computer. The software’s interface is divided in two parts. The upper portion of the windows shows a list of all the active processes. The lower portion of the window shows handles or memory-mapped files. Information about the item that is selected on the upper window is shown on the lower window.

Process Explorer can be used by advanced computer users for tracing problems on applications. It can also be used to track processes that are launched by threats. The software also provides System Information by providing a summary, a graph of the CPU usage, and the memory usage.

Other features of the Process Explorer application are the following:
• Hierarchy view of all the running processes
• Set priority of processes
• Suspend selected processes
• Provides live CPU graph in the task bar
• Alter service processes

One of the main features of Process Explorer is online search. In instances where the user does not know the origin of a process, an online search can be done by choosing the option from the application’s context menu. Real-time information about a certain process can also be viewed by clicking Properties.