proCertum SmartSign

Unizeto Technologies SA (Freeware)

The ProCertum SmartSign is designed for two basic functions. First, it is a program intended for the verification of e-signature. Apart from this, it is also an application that may be used in the creation of electronics signatures. This is the program to use when there is an electronic signature or e-signature or letter that need to be verified using a certificate. The certificate used for authentication may be non-qualified or valid qualified. This utility is created in compliance with standards set by legislation in the Eastern European nation of Poland.

The ProCertum SmartSign is also useful in managing electronic documents and e-signing aside from its verification functions. It may be used as a part of a suite of utilities meant for signature creation. Verification has become necessary in Poland after the “Act on e-Signature” came into effect. This Act was put into action in September 19, 2001.

The ProCertum SmartSign is equipped with modifications such as a system overlay that aids the visually impaired and the Blind. This program runs on Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows XP), Linux, and Mac OSX. The ProCertum SmartSign is easy to implement and does not require advanced training in computer graphics and programming.