ProcDump 7.0

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

The Sysinternals suite is a series of programs for managing Microsoft applications on a computer. There are different tools under this suite including ProcDump. ProcDump helps users assess the problem areas in their computer systems by means of CPU spikes.

When the computer's critical system files and memory become susceptible to corruption, this can cause CPU spikes that eventually lead to crash dumping. These elements are needed to maintain the integrity of a system. Even one single program that is malfunctioning can cause them to lose their utility. There are other components that can be attributed to crashing including external devices that may be linked into the system. The ProcDump program helps users by monitoring CPU activity for the entire system. Even before signs of crashing manifest, the user will be informed beforehand through a CPU wave monitor.

Aside from monitoring spikes, the tool also allows users to manage a window or program that has already crashed. Hung programs can easily be configured to function correctly even in their non-responsive state. Other features that can be expected from this particular Sysinternals application include its ability to use performance counters to generate dumps. It works with exception monitoring as well as script embedding.