Proactive Windows Security Explorer 2.02

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Proactive Windows Security Explorer, presently changed to the name Proactive Password Auditor, is a type of audit software developed and released by ElcomSoft Company Limited. This application’s main function is to attack the network forcefully in order to determine security holes in a certain network. It also has the functionality to close identified security breaches to further ensure the safety of a network.

The Proactive Security Explorer’s main feature is its method of “forcing” algorithms on the NTLM and LM password hash, which makes it effective in identifying unsecured passwords. In addition, it also uses “rainbow” attacks which use pre-computed hash tables to quickly find passwords. The key feature of this application includes account password recovery, auditing capabilities to determine the level of security of the user’s computer network, strength-testing passwords to ensure security, and using a password cache. The program supports a variety of methods in retrieving password hashes for further audit or attack. From the usually ignored dumped files to the remote computers running the active directory, the software ensures existing security holes would be identified and closed.

The application, Proactive Windows Security Explorer is no longer available for distribution. Currently it is called Proactive Password Auditor. This new name carries all of the functions of its previous software adding new features which gives it more features than previous versions.