Proactive System Password Recovery 6.51.257

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Proactive System Password Recovery is an application used to instantly recover different kinds of passwords with prolonged attacks.  The program makes use of a dynamic social engineering mechanism to operate. Passwords that are not instantly recovered are attacked using combinations of brute force and dictionary attacks.

Users have to log into the computer system prior to using the program. Every password that is discovered by the program is added to a dictionary to unlock accounts that are protected using passwords (which have been previously recovered as well as their variations). Passwords which have been recovered instantly are used to unlock secure ones. System information which are hidden can be displayed such as CD Key and Product ID. The program can instantly recover screensaver, dial-up, RAS, .NET passport, VPN connections, shared resources, and asterisks hidden passwords, to name a few. Passwords which can be recovered using advanced attacks include SYSKEY startup, WPA-PSK, remote assistance, and Windows 9x ones, among others. Proactive System Password Recovery can also be used to manipulate Registry files as well as user credentials. Other program features are password history display, database for Active Directory and registry files backup, disabled controls activation, record browsing for LSA Secrets, protected storage access, and Windows scripts decryption. All program functions can be accessed from the main window.