Proactive Password Auditor 2.02.46

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Proactive Password Auditor is a program used by network administrators to monitor network security passwords. It allows users to make sure that passwords cannot be bypassed by threats that may enter the system. The program tests the strength of passwords by using different types of attacks to break them. Some attacks include mask, rainbow table, brute force, dictionary search, and many others. Additionally, the program can also recover passwords that are masked.

Other features of the Proactive Password Auditor are the following:

• supports different types of attacks
• monitoring of network security
• recovery tools for different account passwords (dump file, memory, and registry)
• support for caching of passwords
• support for rainbow tables that are indexed

Proactive Password Auditor has an intuitive user interface with command buttons placed at the top portion of the main window. Users can choose from different attack types for testing network security. All the results are displayed on the bottom part of the main window. Information is displayed on a window with other data, such as the username, user number, computer number, hash-type, password, and description. All audit results from the application can be saved in a log file for administrator reference.