Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey

Cunning Developments (Proprietary)

Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey is a pinball game in 3D that was released in 1999. The game has elements of Victorian-era design and steam-powered machinery, putting it squarely within the steampunk pop culture genre. It also features fictional islands and nautical adventures for the enjoyment of players. The controls for the pinball flipper and plunger can be operated by keyboard, gamepad, or joystick. Players are provided with options to play as if the pinball machine is in an aged condition. Players can also change the slope of the table, the game difficulty, the number of additional balls they receive, the number of times a ball can be saved, and the plunger power.

Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey provides players with five adventures, each requiring players to trigger specific elements of the board in order to keep the game moving. The various levels of the game takes players to the bottom of the ocean, a fictional island, a mountainous terrain, and even the earth’s core. The main goal of the game is to defeat General Yagov, an evil character bent on world domination. Players do this by completing adventures, building machines such as an airship and a submarine, and performing various other tasks. The game makes use of realistic physics that accurately renders ball movements such as sliding, jumping, bouncing, and spinning.