Pro Evolution Soccer 6

KONAMI (Proprietary)

Pro Evolution Soccer 6, also referred to as PES 6, is a soccer video game initially released on October 27, 2006 in Europe and February 6, 2007 in North America. It is the seventh installment in the PES game series. This is the first entry to include the International Challenge mode, wherein the player chooses a nation from Asia, Europe, North/Central America, and South America to play through the International Cup qualifiers and win it. Players may change their team before each match.

PES 6 also features Random Selection Match. This mode allows players to choose one league/region or to up to four nations/clubs. After choosing, the computer then randomly selects the players from the region or teams to play for the player’s squad. Lineup selection is automatic. The game also features the PES Shop. This feature allows players to buy locked players. PES Shop can also be used to buy costumes. Other features that can be bought in PES Shop include new goal celebrations, gameplay frames, stadiums, hairstyles, and more.

PES 6 Network offers Groups. This feature allows players to create or join a group. Creating a group gives the owner the ability to control who can get in or out of the team as well as the team’s name. Playing in a group helps players gain points. Groups can play against other groups in the network.