Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Proprietary)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO is a sports game intended for soccer fans who want to experience the fun and excitement of the most popular game in the world on their computers and gaming consoles. This edition features numerous updates, foremost of which is improved visuals and animation which offer gamers with one of the most realistic football simulation games available today. Moreover, this edition features Master League elements never before seen in the series.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. requires strategizing and lighting quick reflexes to play. It offers an environment that soccer fans will enjoy playing in. This updated version is by far the most advanced. Modifications have been made specifically to address past issues put forward by players of the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO is an innovative game that has been modified based on the pool of PES fan base comments and suggestions, making it “the ultimate” football simulation game made especially for fans. For instance, player response and ball movements closely mimic real life actions and situations. Players are also challenged to continuously find ways to attack with the modified zonal defending mechanism in place. Moreover, referees are designed with more advanced artificial intelligence technology so that they can make more accurate calls.