Pro Beach Soccer

Power and Magic (PAM) Development (Proprietary)

Pro Beach Soccer is a computer arcade game targeted towards football fans. This game is developed by PAM Development and released on 2003. This arcade game features a game of beach soccer set in several beach stadiums including Rio and Venice Beach. Beach soccer is played with 5 players per team. The game lasts for 36 minutes, with 12 minutes for each period. The game features an average of 11 goals per match. The game is accompanied with the latest DJ mixes as soundtrack on pitchside, as well as commentators and cheerleaders.

Pro Beach Soccer gameplay features common soccer moves like aerial passes and special moves. It also features combos from typical soccer moves. This game also features soccer saves and goals, coupled with complicated scoring. The gameplay is affected by sand physics and ball physics. Players can perform ball juggling and player tackling. Daytime, as well as nighttime games are included, with the time of day influencing gameplay. This game features several game modes including long term competitions, quick matches, and custom tournaments. Game modes include Exhibition mode, Tour mode, and Survival mode.

Pro Beach Soccer features the Official Beach Soccer Federation License offering players access to real life teams, real players, and real stadium locations. It features 32 teams with real life players including Julio Salinas, Eric Cantona, and Daniele Massaro.