Pro Bass Fishing 2003

Fireline Interactive LLC (Freeware)

Pro Bass Fishing 2003 is a game that allows virtual anglers to go fishing all-year round. The player is challenged to bring in a haul of fish. It is an interactive game that a group of friends can play through a local network. This game is also playable online via GameSpy Arcade. The online version can be played against aspiring anglers from anywhere in the world. Single-player tournament play available as well. Pro Bass Fishing 2003 features a total of 10 tournament locations to explore.

Key features of the program are the following:

• 25 species of fish to catch (e.g. Northern Pike, Walleye, Catfish
• Real fish behavior mimicked accurately
• Faithfully recreated bass fishing locations such as Dale Hollow, Mille Lacs, and Toledo Bend
• Customizable settings for rod and reel set-ups
• Customizable lures to catch virtual fish

The gameplay is simple, yet exciting. The player is presented with a still and very panoramic lake. Without warning there is a tug in the line. The calm is broken and the fight to bring in the next big catch begins. Pro Bass Fishing 2003 is a top-notch game with fast-paced action and realistic graphics. The player can choose from between three game options, namely multiplayer action, career play, or “just-fishing” trips.