Prizm® Associations for Boeing

Pegasus Imaging Corp. (Freeware)

Prizm ActiveX Viewer is a program that is capable of displaying images in a way that ordinary browsers cannot do. The program was originally created to improve the viewing of JPEG, GIF, and BMP colored images shown on Netscape, a Web browser. Prizm was installed as a simple plug-in to the browser. When the application is installed, the user can then zoom into Web images. Zooming used to take place using a floating magnifying glass or a zoom selection box. The application lets users see the images up close. It also allows them to smooth out the images for a more refined look.

Today, Prizm ActiveX Viewer has comprehensive features extending beyond the usual display tools like zooming, panning, and rotating. Currently, the program functions include thumbnail navigation, image exporting, poster printing, and much more. Its document display ability is also much faster. In addition, this program offers the following features:

• Users can view different image types like PDF, CAD, TIFF, and JPEG 2000 from one application.
• Quick viewing can be done for any portion or area of large images.
• It is possible to attach annotations to any file without changing its original. The annotations can be stored on the PC or on a Web server by means of Prizm Annotation Server.
• There are many additional options for the customization of menus, initial viewing settings, toolbars, and so on.