Privoxy 3.0.21

The Privoxy team (Freeware)

Privoxy is a privacy enhancing web proxy that enables users to control the data they get on their web pages.  A web proxy is a router or system that cuts the connection between receiver and sender and can protect a private network from being invaded by an attacker.  The application can be customized to operate on multi-user networks as well as stand-alone systems and can be used on almost any type of Web browser.  

Privoxy enhances and protects a user’s privacy by its ability to modify HTTP headers, data and content from web pages, control access and manage cookies, before the page is delivered by the browser.  One of its practical features is its facility to remove incommodious Internet junk, such as superfluous advertisements, pop-ups, and banners.  Its variable configuration allows users to customize its settings according to their specific needs and wants.

With the Internet Junkbuster as its basis, it is a Free Software which is hosted at SourceForge and is affiliated under the GNU General Public License . It can be run on systems such as Mac OS/2, OS X, AmigaOS, Windows, OpenWrt, BeOS, and GNU/Linux.  As a tool to circumvent internet censorship, it can be used for optimized Web security with other filtering tools.