Private Information Manager

Wave Systems Corp. (Bundled)

Private Information Manager, or PIM, is a security program that securely stores confidential personal information. It has three main functions – (1) Securely storing personal information, (2) Managing username and passwords and (3) Automatic Form Filling. The program features Secure Password Wallet. This feature allows the program to capture website usernames and passwords. It can also show the Favorites in Internet Explorer when running PIM. The program does not only store usernames and passwords. It can also automatically retrieve and input these details for website login. It can manage multiple usernames, passwords and Internet addresses.

Aside from handling website username and passwords, the program can also manage personal and credit card information using its Secure Personal Information Wallet feature. It can store sensitive data on the computer and provides user control in storing, accessing and using the information. The program also features Auto Form Fill. This feature has a “click-and-fill” function for filling out online forms using the information stored in the program’s wallets. All the data stored in PIM can also be copied to other TPM-enabled computers. It is possible to transport these data via external portable devices such as USB or CD. The data can be used on other computers by simply performing a restore procedure. However, this feature only works if the other computers also have the Private Information Manager installed. PIM can also perform secure backup. There’s also a Preferences dialog for configuring the program’s features.