Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

Gogii Games (Shareware)

Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries is a hidden object game that will put players’ speed, accuracy and judgment to the test with a refreshingly new approach to traditional hidden object games. With a collection of unique level challenges, and mini-games, Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries tests one’s eye for detail through its collection of challenges and mini games.  In this game, players take on the role of a private eye newcomer who must solve some of the world’s greatest mysteries to uncover the true agenda of the Enigma Society, a mysterious international group with dark intentions. Things are kept light and humorous with a cast of off-the-wall characters and whimsical jokes.

Players will travel around the world to over 30 unique destinations, scouring scenes for clues before time runs out. Throughout each level, players can choose to accept more arduous tasks for bonus points. For instance, some levels may require hunting down items in successive order to complete. Every couple of levels, players will have more access to mini games, which adds yet another dynamic to the hunt for the secret society. Players will investigate their way through 4 puzzling mysteries and eventually find the answers to the elusive Enigma Society.