Privacy Winner (Freeware)

Privacy Winner is a simple program that allows users to keep their computer and Internet activities safe from other users. This application is useful for computers with several users. It comes with different tools to ensure a user’s privacy.

• Security – On the Security menu, users will be able to delete files from different programs, such as web browsers and the Windows cache and history. The application will scan the system and display the results on the window. Users can choose to delete single files or all the files that were found in the computer.
• Junk Cleaner – The Junk Cleaner tool scans the system for temporary files and files that have no use but take up space in the computer. After scanning the computer, the program displays a list with the type of file and its description. Users can then select files to delete from the system or choose to delete all the junk files that were detected.
• Shredder – The Shredder tool is used for deleting unwanted files from the computer so that they cannot be retrieved. It makes use of three types of shredding – Quick: 1 pass, Safe: 3 passes, and Thorough: 7 passes.

This program is simple and easy to use even for novice computer users.