Privacy Mantra 2.05

Codeode (Shareware)

Privacy Mantra by Codeode is a reliable computer program designed with one specific purpose, and that is to keep the computer clean from offline and online tracks. This program sweeps the computer system for artifacts and unwanted files that could accumulate and cause slowing down of functions, or possibly a system crash. Privacy Mantra is a capable program that can wash away and erase privacy threats such as cookies, cache files, auto-complete forms, run files, open/save dialogs, Web browser toolbars, and many others.

To illustrate, this utility is responsible for clearing out undeletable index.dat files left behind by websites visited by the computer user. This occurs despite deletion of Internet history and cache. Similarly, opening documents and watching movies leave behind locked data on executables, which cannot be manually deleted. This program helps maintain the stability and security of any computer system that installs it. Junk files are deleted regularly.

Privacy Mantra also protects the privacy of Internet browsers. This program is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows 7. It is easy to download and install and does not require advanced computer skills to launch and implement. This program is also lightweight and occupies little space in the hard drive.